Terms & Conditions

Booking & Payments

1. $150 deposit is required to secure your booking.

2. Cancellation of bookings must be made in writing or by telephone at least
two weeks prior to the party date.

3. If you cancel your booking (for any reason) less than seven days prior to your party date, you agree to forfeit the full amount of your deposit paid.

4. You will receive a telephone call or email from us in the week leading up to the party to run through all your party details and requirements. At this time, changes, additions and deletions can be made. Final confirmation of the number of attendees is required no later than the Monday in the week prior to your booking. An updated invoice will be generated and emailed to you and your final payment can be made on day of the party.

We have the right to cancel your booking if deposit payment has not been received in clear funds by within 3 days of written confirmation of booking sheet.

5. Where we have exercised our rights under paragraph 1.4 you will not be entitled to a refund of any amount paid.

6. Our parties commence strictly on time and conclude at the specified
time unless otherwise stated by us.

7. Once your party has concluded, we require your assistance in exiting your party guests in an orderly timely manner to make way for the next party guests arriving.


8. Children that are not on the booking guest list of the party must be supervised at all times by the Hirer’ and/or the child’s legal guardian. All guardians must be over the age of 18 years.

9. The wellbeing of children and guests attending Soirée.mc is the responsibility of the Hirer and parents or guardian of the children attending the party. This also applies to the children who have been dropped off by their parents or guardians.

10. No child is to enter the premises without a parent or guardian. Staff members must be made aware of any child that has been dropped off by their parent or guardian.

11. No child will be permitted to leave the premises without a parent or guardian. Children may leave with the Hirer where consent of the child’s parent or guardian can be adequately proven.

12. We may require any person collecting a child to be introduced to the appropriate employees and provide photo identification prior to the child being allowed to leave the premises with them.

13. We may refuse any person from collecting a child where the above information has not been satisfactorily provided or if the situation at the time of the collection is deemed to place the child at risk.

14. While all staff at Soiree.mc hold a current, valid “Working with Children” check, the Hirer acknowledges that this is not a supervised party and accepts responsibility for the active supervision of all children in their care at all times.

15. Staff will do their best to ensure the party is conducted in a safe and enjoyable manner for all. However, our employees will not be responsible for any injuries that occur on the premises to the extent permitted by law.

16. All visitors to Soiree.mc must keep all entrances and exits clear, to allow for safe access in and out of all doorways.

Food & Allergies

17. Whilst Soiree.mc is a “nut-free zone”, the Hirer is solely responsible for the management of any child who has an allergy. Soiree.mc makes every effort to ensure there are no nuts in our venue, although traces of nuts may be present in food served.

18. Soiree.mc accepts no responsibility for children who have consumed food items they are allergic to during a party. We strongly recommend that parents or guardians of a child who has an allergy remains onsite for the entire duration of the party.

19. Children with allergies may not attend the party without their allergy medication or EpiPen.

20.  In order to avoid potential cross-contamination, food poisoning or inconsistencies, we ask that no outside food is brought on to the premises for children’s themed parties with the exception of baby food, children’s drink bottles, cakes, cupcakes and cookies that form part of the cake display table. Special dietary requirements can be catered for by arrange.

21. You are most welcome to supply your own cake, cupcakes and cookies, although these must comply with our strict “nut-free zone” policy. 3.6 Water will be available at all times.

Arrival Time

22. The Hirer and guests may arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the party commencing. This will allow us time to set up between parties, and ensure we are ready to greet you at this time. Should you require early access, please let us know prior as there may be an ‘Early Access Fee’.


23. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all children of the party act in a considerate and responsible manner.

24. We reserve the right to exclude any child permanently or temporarily from the party where Soiree.mc believes the actions of the child are not in the best interests of themselves or others in the party.

25. What constitutes “best interests of the child and others” is at the sole discretion of management.

26. We reserve the right to refuse entry or revoke the right of entry to any person already on Soiree.mc premises for unacceptable behaviour. Where Soiree.mc exercises this right, the ejected individual(s) are not entitled to a refund.

27. Unacceptable behaviour towards our staff or other patrons will result in that person and the children they are supervising to be ejected from our premises. In such an event, Soiree.mc reserves the right to exclude that person from the premises in the future.

28. What constitutes “unacceptable behaviour” is at the sole discretion of our management.


29. There is ample street parking. Soiree.mc is not responsible for repercussions caused by vehicles parked illegally.

30. No children or pets are to be left unattended in cars even if they are solely dropping off.

Illness & Medication

31. For the safety of all team members, parents, guardians and other children, the Hirer should ensure that no child attend a party if they are contagious or ill.

32. If a child becomes unwell at the centre, their parent or guardian will be contacted to pick up the child.

33. Where a child has a medical condition, we strongly recommend that a parent/s of a child who has a medical condition stay onsite for the entire duration of the party.

34. In the event of any illness or injury to a child on the premises and if in the opinion of Soiree.mc that is necessary to do so, Soiree.mc reserves the right to seek urgent: (a) medical or dental treatment; and/or (b) Ambulance transportation and the Hirer, parent or guardian of that child indemnifies and releases Soiree.mc against the cost ongoing thereof.

General Conditions

35. Although Soiree.mc warrants that it will at all times and to the best of its abilities use all reasonable care in respect of the services provided, there may be inherent and unforeseeable dangers and difficulties in providing the services and we are unable to guarantee the wellbeing of all patrons or their property on the premises.

36. We accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any person or property left on our premises prior to, during or after the party has ended.

37. The Hirer and parents or guardians of children consent to Soiree.mc using third party service providers to provide activities or programs to assist the parties.

38. Taking photos and videos of your own children having fun is allowed. However, please avoid photographing or filming other children without parental consent.

39. The Hirer accepts responsibility and liability of any damages made to our venue by you or your guests.