About Us

Hosting kids birthday parties showed us how much fun and excitement the kids had creating there very own master pieces. With the inspiration for parties and play, we came up with making activities and gifts that would put a smile on anyones face. Simple yet satisfying crafts that are carefully designed to give anyone a sense of fun while creating and playing.

These craft activities are great to be used for;

  • Party bags
  • Christmas stocking fillers
  • Traveling
  • School holiday
  • Birthday party group activities

Soirée.mc was originally a place where families could come to our venue to celebrate their kids birthday. We hosted and entertained kids using craft activities. Unfortunately due to the current situation our world is in we had to revamp the way our business was heading. Not able to give in or give up, especially seeing the smiles, laughter and just enjoyment each and every party we hosted brought to the kids. I thought why not continue offering this but in the safety of their own home.